Roxboro Savings Bank’s Marketing Program

I can’t imagine a marketing program for Roxboro Savings Bank that would not include the Hyco [Lake] Magazine!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your publications – you have taken regional promotion to new heights and for that, we are ALL grateful!

Merilyn P. Newell
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Secondary Markets Manager

Roxboro Savings Bank
313 South Main Street
P.O. Box 489
Roxboro, NC 27573
(336) 599-2137


Great Magazine

We look forward to the magazine every quarter. Our ads are professionally done. Our customers come in and ask if they can take a copy of the magazine at the front desk. We enjoy reading about other local business and support our fellow neighbors. One of the biggest returns of our advertising budget.

Sheila Clayton

Carpet One – Roxboro
500 A Old Durham Road
Roxboro, NC
(336) 599-1339


Love the Hyco Lake Magazine!

Thanks for shining light on local businesses and the cultural arts in the surrounding communities. We like to support local businesses and rely on the “Hyco Lake Magazine” as our guide. Your magazine has made a positive difference in our community!

Libby Doggett
Hyco Lake


Quality Regional Magazine

Over the years I have encountered numerous regional magazines. Hyco Lake Magazine stands out as one with a variety of articles that are interesting and informative. It is obvious that thought, planning and execution take many hours to create a visually pleasing presentation.

Marie Riddle Pridgen
Chatham, Virginia

The Writing Professionals
[email protected]


I am pleased to be a small part of Hyco Lake Magazine.

They make every one feel so special. I love how they give recognition to those Person County residents that have small businesses and have been established for decades. It builds morale and community spirit!

Thanks for all you do,

Veronica Wills
(984) 234-1083
A+ Cleaning


Great Magazine to know what is going on at Hyco and the surrounding areas!!

West & Woodall has always loved working with Hyco Lake Magazine. They have done a great job of marketing the lake and surrounding areas. I personally enjoy every time I get the magazine opening it up to see what is going on. Growing up and working on and around Hyco Lake I find that every time I get the Hyco Lake Magazine I find something new I did not know about the area. I also like to reference it for local vendors to support.

Kirk West
West &Woodall Real Estate

Semora, NC & Durham, NC


Wonderful way to reach our Audience for the Arts and Theater

Hyco Lake magazine has proven to be a wonderful way to reach people about events and opportunities related to arts, music, and theater events and performances at The Prizery in South Boston. We have enjoyed more regional support, interest, and people coming to our shows through our advertising and outreach via Hyco Lake magazine. As a non-profit established to promote the arts and theater in our region, this has proven to be a great partnership! Thank you for all your efforts for our large area community in VA and NC.

Philippa DeRamus
Community Arts and Theater Center, The Prizery

South Boston, VA


Love our Hyco Lake Magazine ❤

Look forward to every issue chocked full of wonderful articles, pictures, etc. to remember…Thank you

Hyco Lake Magazine we love you ❤

Donna & Earl Gurtner
Leasburg, NC


I have enjoyed Hyco Lake Magazine for years

This magazine is a must for folks that live on or near Hyco Lake in Person County, NC. Wonderful photos and good articles of local interest in every issue. Publishing quality is first rate.

Kathy McElveen
Roxboro, NC


Hyco Lake Mag is AWESOME!

We love getting this magazine. Seeing the growth around the lake, learning about all the new things happening around the lake, and just flat out looking at the picture of people and their families. I’m glad they take the time to do this and we are proud supporters/advertisers as well. Look forward to many years.

Michael Brandon Patrick
NC Marine Sales / Your Mobile Technician


Two Thumbs Up

We have been very pleased with the feedback we have gotten from our ads being in Hyco Lake Magazine! Our company has undergone a major transformation this year we’ve had lots of exciting additions to announce! Getting that feedback from customers lets us know people are reading it and responding to it. We consider it a plus that they also feature advertisers like us on their website and their social media platforms!


Landscape Supply & Rentals
969 Old Durham Rd.
Roxboro, NC 27573


Great Local Magazine

We enjoy getting this magazine, it’s nice to have a local magazine that has articles and ads about local businesses. Keep up the great work.

Angela Regan
Roxboro, NC


Burlington, NC

We look forward to getting our Hyco Lake Magazine every season!! We enjoy the articles, pictures and advertising! We live in Burlington and would not be aware of the local businesses without the attention your magazine draws. Thank you for the excellent news you provide!

Jan Bouldin
Burlington, NC


Love this magazine 😍

I love Hyco Lake Magazine, it’s filled with so many things to do in the area. The article’s and pictures are outstanding, plus it’s free!

Michael Shotwell
Roxboro, NC


Great Team and Great Articles

The staff is so wonderful to work with! They are so helpful and personable and we look forward to our deliveries every quarter! The articles always enlighten us with stories about places and history in the area.

Sheila Persson

The Carolina Estate
260 Club House Road
Roxboro, NC 27574
[email protected]
(336) 338-7030


Alton, VA

I enjoy Hyco Lake magazine very much to keep up to date for happenings in our areas. I also see and read lots of the advertisements to see who is doing what kind of work locally. I like the diverse articles as there is something for everyone. I look forward to each new edition coming out! Thanks for a great magazine with a wealth of knowledge!!! Keep them coming, please!

Jesse Barksdale – Welding
Alton, VA


I Plan to Advertise Again!

I have been very pleased with the exposure Hyco Lake Magazine has given me. Advertising in the magazine not only made me accessible to people that live on and around the lake, but to readers all over the state and beyond that receive this publication. The return on investment has been great and I plan to advertise again.


Hyco Lake Magazine is a great magazine!

Hyco Lake Magazine is a great magazine communicating all the great resources, events, suppliers, vendors, and friends surrounding the Hyco Lake Magazine. As both a property owner and a business in the Hyco lake area, we are an advocate of Hyco Lake Magazine!

Will Berry

Alamance Oil
1525 W. Webb Avenue
Burlington, NC 27217
Phone: 336-226-9371
Email: [email protected]



When meeting new clients that are unfamiliar with the area, I always give them a copy of Hyco Lake magazine. They love seeing all the articles and advertisements of places to go and things to do! Thanks for providing us with this beautiful magazine!


Hyco Lake Magazine is a great place for us to advertise.

We have been very pleased with our ads in Hyco Lake Magazine. They reach a wide audience in our area, and provide us the visibility that we need to keep growing. Peter and Chris are great to work with too. I would definitely recommend Hyco Lake magazine as a great place to advertise in the Hyco Lake area.

Denise Burnette
Caswell Council for the Arts


Trust in Hyco Lake Magazine

Team Houston places our trust in Hyco Lake Magazine to provide us with the best of the best in advertising as well as local information.

We look to Pete and staff to provide inspiration and knowledge on what to do for fun! Be it shopping, outings or dining we know Hyco Magazine will lead us to something exciting!

Most thankful for this small business that does big things.

Wendy Holeman
Mary Bennett Houston, DDS


With Hyco Lake Magazine’s help, my community knows me more.

I can’t tell you how many folks contacted me after they read my ad and story in Hyco Lake Magazine. What a great advertising advantage. Everyone picks it up to read while eating lunch. Its expanded my customer base in ways I’d never be able to reach. Will I advertise again? For sure.
Mary Bagwell
Southern Plenty Café


Fuquay-Varina, NC

We enjoy your magazine, as it gives us places to discover when we are at the lake, particularly during the off season.

Jim Humphreys
Fuquay-Varina, NC


Sharon With 4 Lynn’s Boutique Says It Best…

Hyco Lake Magazine is my Best form of advertising!  I ask my new customers how they heard about me, and Hyco is by far my most popular response.  I am always happy with the placement of my ads, and the quality of the ad.  I love the Holiday edition each year, and the free ad that comes with my contract.  It allows me an ad to advertise and one to tell my customers thank you for the year.  I am certain that my ad is worth the money I spend on it.  It is advertising money well spent! 

The stand allows the magazine to be displayed at my check out without taking up valuable space.  

Sharon Kendrick
4 Lynn’s Boutique



905 N Madison Blvd
Roxboro, NC 27573
(336) 322-0432